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The First Test for the early detection of spontaneous premature birth in the Market

What is quantusPREMATURITY?

quantusPREMATURITY is an early detection test for spontaneous, robust, rapid and easy to use preterm birth that is based on the automatic analysis of an ultrasound image.

quantusPREMATURITY works through a web application. It is a platform in which you can upload the ultrasound of the cervix of which you want to know the risk of spontaneous preterm birth (before 34 and / or 37 weeks of gestation), as well as the subsequent reception of the results.

With an unprecedented solution, quantusPREMATURITY can provide reliable results in a few minutes.

Why does quantusPREMATURITY work?

The changes that occur histologically in a tissue (collagen, fat or water ratio, among others) affect the way in which the ultrasound wave interferes in it, thus generating a different signal. Using advanced techniques of image processing in Artificial Intelligence, this signal difference can be analyzed quantitatively and therefore, detect small changes not visible to the human eye that give us more information about the state of the tissue.

The cervix is ​​a potential candidate for the application of this type of technology, since it must be remodeled microstructurally during pregnancy to prepare the moment of delivery. An early or premature remodeling of the cervix usually precedes the SPtB and inadequate softening can lead to a failed induction of labor. An early identification of a premature cervical remodeling process could reduce the possible maternal and perinatal complications associated with SPtB.

Better precision

quantusPREMATURITY provides an early detection alternative for predicting SPtB risk reliably; reaching levels of precision, performance and reproducibility unprecedented in the state of the art techniques based on the measurement of the Cervical Length (CL).

tabla comparativa qPREM otras técnicas
Universal screening tool

quantusPREMATURITY has been developed to be used as a universal screening tool in pregnant women of the general population regardless of cervical length. It may be useful for those patients with short cervical length who may present a low risk of spontaneous premature delivery, or with a normal cervical length and who are at high risk.

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Why is quantusPREMATURITY different?

The current test based on cervical length is the default method for evaluating cervical remodeling associated with the risk of preterm birth. This technique has the following disadvantages:

Manual measurement

The measurement of CL is a process that can provide variability to the result

Little accurate

Very few cases experience changes in the cervical structure during the second trimester

No universal

It is not recommended for the entire population, it is considered only in cases of risk

quantusPREMATURITY provides an Efficient solution for the early detection of spontaneous preterm birth risk. Its features are:


The information obtained gives us variability.


The detection of changes in the cervical microstructure is validated through scientific studies.


Recommended test for the general population, intended as a second-trimester screening test for all pregnant women