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Offer better care with an economical solution

  • No initial investment required
  • No license fee
  • Pay per use

In three simple steps you will get an unlimited experience

To use quantusPREMATURITY web application

  • Simple and intuitive process
  • Upload images, introduce patient information, select and send to analyze the sample
  • Compatible with most ultrasound machines on the market
  • It only requires an internet connection
  • No installation

A revolution in early detection of SPtB

quantusPREMATURITY has been developed to be used as a universal screening tool in pregnant women of the general population regardless of cervical length.

  • Robusto
  • Reliable
  • Intended for the general population

The First Test for the early detection of the SPTB of the market

quantusPREMATURITY achieves levels of precision, performance and reproducibility unprecedented in the state of the art of techniques based on the measurement of the Cervical Length (CL).

rendimiento PREM vs LC

Free and quality technical support

We are available to solve any problem you may have with the use of quantusPREMATURITY.

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