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The Cervical Length

The cervical length* is the default method for evaluating cervical remodeling associated with the risk of premature birth. For this reason, reference associations such as ISUOG, SMFM or ACOG mention it as one of the best methods to predict spontaneous preterm birth in specific risk groups, but they do not find it adequate for the general population or as an independent predictor due to its low performance.

The Cervical Length is more reliable than the digital or other tests based on chemical markers, but it still has shortcomings related to its performance due to the great variability in the measurement of cervical length and its low sensitivity, so it is necessary to improve our knowledge of the labor mechanism in women and identify new diagnostic techniques to predict preterm birth effectively.

There are no adequate techniques to apply to the entire population.

* Ultrasound technique that is performed transvaginally and allows evaluating the characteristics of the maternal cervix by measuring its length to determine the risk of premature delivery.

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