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A revolutionary solution for an unsolved clinical need

Discover quantusPREMATURITY, a simple, reliable, quick and easy-to-use application to understand the risk of spontaneous premature birth early.

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An unsolved clinical need.

Prematurity is the main cause of infant mortality with percentages that are increasing in developed countries. Each year, approximately 15 million premature babies are born in the world, representing more than 1 in 10 babies, of which at least 1 million die from complications in childbirth.

Spontaneous preterm birth is the main cause of prematurity today (two thirds) and its incidence has not diminished because current tests are insufficient.

For early spontaneous delivery to occur, an early remodeling of the cervix (cervix) must always be activated, meaning that evaluation of the cervix is ​​a key element for risk assessment.

The only current test to evaluate the condition of the cervix is ​​the measurement of its length but there is great controversy due to its low performance.

The solution, quantusPREMATURITY

The first test for the detection of an early cervical remodeling based on the analysis of an image of the cervix obtained by ultrasound. It offers the opportunity to obtain the risk of spontaneous premature labor before the neck is shortened thanks to the advanced techniques of image processing and Artificial Intelligence.

We have designed quantusPREMATURITY as an easy-to-use web application that allows you to upload scans to automatically analyze and receive reliable results in a few minutes.

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